Who do I want to be online?


Photo: Mike Whiter Photography.

I filter the information people can know about me online while still trying to remain authentic. Coworkers and family have access to view my content, and although I know I can edit my privacy settings, I try to remain transparent without giving away too much. Aspects of my personal life I try to not flaunt or allude to on the internet to avoid any criticism. The aspects that I do wish to share to my general populace are more often than not highlights of my life; focusing on “shareable” moments that I am excited or passionate enough about to share. A majority of my FB “friends” are acquaintances at best. Knowing this, I try to censor my sob stories and keep those moments to people I actually interact with on a day-to-day basis.  I try to stay true to my Los Angeles (makes me sound tough but I am actually a Valley girl) upbringing and incorporate a few of my favorite mannerisms/imagery/language/attitude throughout my profile/blog voice which aren’t typical to the Midwest.

I try to post content which I believe my “friends” should care about as much as I care about posting it. I focus on posting credible links and not repost anything which is false or totally misleading. I try not to get too political and instead post content on issues which are universal. Although sometimes I post things I find funny, or friends post links on health and fitness or, let’s be real, how to make a gin and tonic slushy (yum!). In the past two years, my I have been focusing my attention on Veteran’s affairs. Not the VA specifically, although that is definitely a huge part of it, but the day-to-day struggle of veterans, young and old. Two years ago and some change, I started dating my boyfriend who is a Afghanistan combat vet. We’ve been living together now for about a year? (time flies!) and I was submerged in a world that I knew very little about previously. Knowing how little I knew about the obstacles these men and women face everyday, everynight, I make a conscious effort to expose my peers to their experiences. Even further, I now work on campus with veterans through the Veterans Educational Training program. The program is for veterans and their dependents who are looking to get back into school.

So who am I online? I’m the paraphrased version of myself; Slightly edited, but you get the point. I think this is important because not everyone on my friends-list is a close friend who I would share more intimate, uncensored information and values with. What I do hope to put forth is someone who is passionate about important issues which are close to home, as well as abroad. Yes, I post my life highlights, but the highlights are my achievements which I have accomplished, experienced or feel passionate enough about to share. These experiences are something I wish to share with those close to me, and if by default others are exposed too, so be it!


3 thoughts on “Who do I want to be online?

  1. Thanks for your comment on my post! I wanted to share how cool I think it is that we have almost opposite (I hate that word because I feel it has negative implications), for lack of a better word, social media habits. I love your honesty in saying that you tend to hide yourself more online, and I feel as if I made my post seem rather glamorous, because I have gotten negative feedback for being so honest online in the past (not so much as an adult anymore, because I’m a lot smarter than I was!) so props to you for sharing what you think is best and keeping your personal life to yourself and maybe some close friends!

    Also, I love the VA info. I have a cousin who was in Iraq and I remember how frustrating it was for him returning, getting acclimated again, and having not too many people understand what was happening around him and inside of him.

    I feel as if I also tend to make a conscience effort to expose people online to things that may be uncomfortable or foreign to them. Sometimes, it’s how we learn. Thanks for sharing!

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