The long and the short.

Social media, in my opinion, craves short, witty remarks which are eye-catching and memorable. This is an important aspect we frequently talk about in Public Relations coursesScreenshot_2016-01-14-19-42-02; the ability to stand out among the clutter. This is the same in our virtual lives; we are advertising ourselves in short responses without drowning people in information. In certain situations, it is appropriate to add more information and details (and length) to our writing online. I write lengthy pieces on blog forums and from time to time might have a more detailed explanation in the comment section on a friend’s or others Facebook page. I have a tendency to get into comment battles with people on local news source’s posts and during those situations I may expand on my idea (to no avail).  I send lengthy text messages if I am explaining or discussing something to someone, or I might send a longer email at times, but day-to-day I try to keep my social media/virtual conversations to short, quick responses which get my point across. If I need to tell something to someone, I would rather tell them in person, avoiding any miscommunication or breach of information.

Maybe it is the English major in me, but I have always tried to avoid text abbreviations, just because I always found them super impersonal. I try to stay consistent in my writing across all mediums in order to maintain a decent level of typing/writing, but it is fun to adapt language into ways that make an impression on people without having to say too much. When sending messages to someone, whether texts, Tweets or Snaps, I try to keep my remark quick and catchy, getting my point across. If I’m sending a message to someone professionally, I keep to good grammar and proper language, but with people I’m closer to, I try to use my typical colorful language with them. I figure if I text the same way I would speak, there is less of a chance of miscommunication. Word choice is super important on social media. Your audience in most cases is going to be a big factor on what and how you choose to make your statement. On blogs and many aspects of FB, you can choose to state a lengthier remark, explaining yourself. On Twitter or SnapChat on the otherhand, you need to be able to make your statement in a much more restricted platform. In this situation, you need to choose words that are going to complete your statement, or entice your audience to want to know more about what you are saying.


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