When will my avatar show, who I am, outside.

Developing my avatar, or my online persona, has been weighing heavily on my mind recently after already submitting to and continuing the search for summer internships. As an English major with a minor in PR and Advertising, I have applied to a broad spectrum of positions, all which center arounMulanReflection1d the focus on a strong social media presence and understanding as well as a demonstrated portfolio of online work. I want to focus on writing more material as the semester finishes out in hopes to
further develop my avatar, as well as focus on how I write on my blog, versus for other assignments or genres. Often I become too picky about what I am writing about, or do not want to ruffle any feathers, resulting in nothing being written at all. I need to gain the confidence I want to support my avatar, including writing more online versus for myself, in order to see that online persona grow and develop.

Another item on my list recently has been working with nonprofits, especially Service Dogs for America, the nonprofit I am working on with my teammate. They too are looking to solidify their online avatar and persona by increasing the exposure they have on Facebook as well as keeping up with their blog on their website and creating an Instagram in order to showcase the clients they work with as well as the other amazing services they support. One idea stuck out to me from The Networked Nonprofit that I believe perfectly explains the goal of our organization, but also a goal I hope to achieve personally, wherever I may end up in the future. The idea is that an organization which engages and ignites passion in their participants, will in return reap the benefits of a committed participant community who is willing to go out of their way to share an organization they love. This idea is a main focus for our client and us because we all share the desire to share SDA’s mission, and can do so through a blog which connects past and future clients as well as accessibility to all the amazing services and deeds SDA is involved in, further reaching the community at large. The blog would give exclusive insight into any events which are or will be held and the impact donations will have for that event, and also highlight stories of past clients and the success they have achieved through working with SDA. This will help deepen those community bonds out client hopes to make more transparent in order to make future clients feel right at home.

As a free agent for SDA, I want to provide them with the tools and resources necessary in order to continue their mission. One goal our client wishes to work on is increasing overall social media savviness, something as a young free agent, both my teammate and I believe we can help with. Our client even made a suggestion that if we were digital media savvy, she would consider looking at a design we came up with and possibly working together in the future. Although I have no experience with it, this opportunity proves that reaching out to people and making connections, providing them with any skills or resources you can offer, helps build your own persona by helping others. Content Strategy makes good points about not having too many platforms, and in order to build that community aspect we are striving for, the book suggest having the organizations clients/participants be able to generate their own content on the organization’s platforms. To support this, we intend to create an Instagram account for SDA, while at the same time deleting their Twitter, a platform they have had little success with. Instagram would give SDA the exposure they need while still allowing clients/participants have the capability to tag pictures or videos in support of the organization, including at events or pictures of their dog aiding in their day-to-day lives.

Although I spoke a lot of SDA, they are helping build my avatar online. As I get more involved with the nonprofit world and talk to people, like Shelley, the Development Director for SDA, who is passionate about their work and willing to engage with random strangers giving advice, makes me want to build my online persona to fit the passionate person I am outside of the internet. I get so caught up on what people will think that I disregard the fact that I can get people to think. And if that is through my own writing, or sharing the work/mission of nonprofits, they both will enhance my avatar development.


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