Growing up in Southern California I was typically more enthralled with being outside than watching TV or dialing up the internet. My grandparents raised me so I also was always at a technological disadvantage compared to my friends who’s parents kept up with the latest tech gadgets. In middle school I remember waiting for the internet to dial up to finally attempt to log on to AOL to IM my friends after school. Eventually I was worrying about what song to have playing on my MySpace and trying to figure my way through HTML to have the coolest color scheme possible. I got my Facebook around 2005 when I was almost done with middle school. I have also had a plethora of blogging sites including Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger all of which I have been active with off and on. I have stuck with Facebook the most consistently due to the ease of being able to connect with friends and family back home. Recently SnapChat has been a big help for keeping updated with people in a more “real-time” fashion without being intrusive. In my daily life I don’t have much time to spend on social media but the ease of having emails, BlackBoard updates and any FB group chats in the palm of my hand with my phone makes my everyday life much easier and highly accessible. I try to disconnect as much as possible while still trying to remain in touch and social media now has the capability for me to decide when and if I reply to someone at any point. Although this may be unfair, I try to only utilize social media for something meaningful or important while engaging with people face-to-face more often than not. Social media has given me the ability to reach out to my students, older veterans looking to get back into school, and locate material and resources for them. I am then able to send them this information with ease, utilizing platforms that are easy for them to navigate. The accessibility and user-friendly platforms of social media today has now allowed people of all generations have the capability to connect in meaningful ways without being too intrusive as well.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Great “About” page Camille, and fabulous photo! A little “wow” emerged when the page loaded. The statement “Although this may be unfair, I try to only utilize social media for something meaningful or important while engaging with people face-to-face more often than not” strikes me as a great way to think about social media for non-profits; they need to share important information with their supporters, but the human contact is still essential and usually more important than the e-newsletter. Looking forward to having you in class! — Kevin


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